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Less is More! How to Scale Back and Reclaim Your Sanity

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January 12, 20234 min read

“Being content with less, creates space in the heart for more love.”
Margo Vader, Take A Little Soul Time

When you’re feeling unfulfilled, you may assume that you need to add something to your life. You buy gadgets and shoes. You join a book club or learn to juggle. Unfortunately, your new possessions and busier schedule leave you even more dissatisfied.

If the cycle sounds familiar, it’s time to give subtraction a try. Taking things away can make you happier and more productive. Follow this simple formula for scaling back.

Consume Less

Are you overloaded with possessions and information? A more sustainable lifestyle benefits you, as well as the planet. You’ll save money, reduce stress, and develop more appreciation for the things you choose to keep.

These strategies will help:

  1. Use technology wisely. Set limits on internet browsing and turn off the TV unless you’re watching something specific. Your devices will still come in handy for time savers like online grocery shopping and automatic bill paying.

  2. Shorten your commute. A 30-minute commute means you’re losing more than a week of free time each year. If hybrid work, flex hours, or moving is out of the question, maybe you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts to learn as you travel.

  3. Attend fewer meetings. More than 65% of senior managers say meetings interfere with completing their work, according to Harvard Business Review. Suggest meeting-free days and greater use of collaboration software.

  4. Do micro workouts. Congratulations, if you already exercise regularly! Otherwise, make fitness easier by engaging in shorter sessions a few times each day. Two 10-minute sessions every day is better than once a week for an hour.

  5. Serve easy meals. You can eat healthy at home without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Add more nuts and seeds to your diet. Have salads and stir fries for dinner. Snack on fruit and yogurt.

  6. Rotate your subscriptions. Do you spend more time searching for content rather than watching it? Limit how many streaming services you have active at the same time. You may even enjoy them more after you take a break.

  7. Capsulize your wardrobe. Simplify your mornings by making fewer decisions about what to wear. Buy separates that coordinate with each other. Donate or sell clothing and accessories you rarely use.

  8. Indulge yourself. Are you roasting vegetables on scratched up pans while you save the shiny ones for some special occasion? Give yourself permission to enjoy the finer things you already own and donate or toss the older ones.

  9. Change your thinking. Mental clutter can be overwhelming too. Try journaling to get all those overwhelming thoughts and “to do’s” out of your head and onto paper so you can you free up your mind.

  10. Limit activities. If you have kids, you know the stress of driving from event to another, 7 days a week. Instead of over-committing, limit activities to just one or two, that way you have free days to just relax and spend time as a family.


You’ll probably find that the path to minimalism requires less sacrifice than you think. Eliminating unnecessary chores and distractions frees up more room in your life for the things that really matter to you.

Use these techniques:

  1. Set goals. Giving yourself specific targets helps you to make sound decisions and evaluate your progress. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish in the short and long term.

  2. Plan your days. Review your schedule to see how you’re spending your time and create routines that support constructive habits. Block out time for activities that are meaningful to you. Leave room for refreshing breaks in between tasks and errands.

  3. Increase your impact. Distinguish between being busy and being productive. Doing less, but more impactful work is far more valuable to the world and to your mental health. Take pride in your work and create something worthwhile.

  4. Stronger relationships. We only have so many hours in a day, so prioritize deeper relationships with people who love and respect you, instead of juggling far too many friendships.

Value your time and focus on quality more than quantity. You’ll soon discover that doing less creates a more abundant way of life.

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