If you've tried exercise and diet programs before and failed, or if you've tried several programs and just can't seem to stick with it, we're here for you. We want you to know that you're not alone, and it's not your fault. Our proven system is designed to work on your absolute worst days, not just your best days.

Nutrition Philosophy

At TASH Wellness we encourage balanced eating incorporating all food groups. We believe in fueling the body with the appropriate amount of calories and macronutrients and don’t believe that one nutrition plan works for everyone. There are several programs you can choose from to learn The TASH Wellness way of nutrition and healthy eating.

We also have a general healthy eating program that encourages eating all whole foods. The program includes recipes, meal plans and shopping lists. Everything is delivered through our coaching app where we provide education and daily accountability.

FAT Reduction accountability group

Research has shown that people are more likely to achieve their goals when they have the support and influence of a group as opposed to “trying to go it alone. In fact, studies show that when someone has an accountability partner in fitness, they are 3 times more likely to achieve their goals than those people that go it alone. At Tash Wellness, we are providing you with an accountability partner and an ambassador to help you on your journey with us.

accountability partner

If you want, you will be assigned an accountability partner and ambassador as part of your membership. This member will be in contact with you weekly to help you achieve your behavior goals and answer any questions you may have about being a member at TASH Wellness.

weekly frag


Every Wednesday night, we offer an online group discussion where our FRAG members can ask questions, and get their questions answered by one of our team members or by a fellow member (who has overcome the same issue). This is a great way to ask questions and get support from like-minded women and men.

styku body composition scan

Not all pounds are the same and so scale weight often misleads you into thinking you're not making progress. . A better method is to measure changes in your body composition (body fat and lean muscle). A Styku scan takes hundreds of measurements, analyses shape and body fat changes, and tracks progress.

what's included with frag

  • Personalized coaching to help you with mindset, habits and learning the proper nutrition plan needed to reach your specific goals
  • Daily accountability partner check-ins
  • Daily habit check-in and lessons through our coaching app
  • Weekly Check-ins on Facebook
  • Weekly Wednesday night live Zoom meeting for everyone to share and get support
  • Monthly, bi-monthly or weekly Styku measurements
  • Quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly 10 minute one-on-one accountability/coaching sessions
  • Education on proper nutrition for a lifetime of healthful eating
  • Five membership options to choose from


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