TASH (Timeless Ageless Sizeless Health) Wellness was built for you, no matter what your age, size or limitations! We are a supportive and caring community that provides a SAFE environment where acceptance and inclusiveness are the norm. No judgment allowed!

We are the premiere woman-only gym serving Glenview, Northbrook, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Evanston, Wilmette, Highland Park and all the North Shore suburbs of Chicago

Built just for you

Based in Glenview IL, TASH Wellness is a boutique health, wellness and fitness facility designed specifically for women-only 55 and older. We deliver personal training in a group atmosphere so you can work out in our beautiful new Glenview studio with like-minded women. We also offer personal training, functional senior training, balance and cognitive training as well as nutrition and accountability. Our focus is on helping you achieve sustainable health through building cardiovascular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, cognition and increased strength in a safe, engaging way designed to help you reach your goals.

We never want our children, grandchildren or friends to have to take care of us.

We want to maintain our independence.



TASH Wellness members know that health isn't about a number on a scale. They strive to be healthy no matter their size or age. Good health is about living a better quality of life – not trying to achieve a certain number. It’s about living without pain and with little or no medications.


Learn to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to the truth about the “latest and greatest” health and fitness products. Learn to view advertising through “smart” eyes. Get the facts about sustainable health and know the difference between fads and real, proven nutrition and exercise.


TASH Wellness members support one another. The community at TASH is striving to be healthy no matter their size, age or limitations. TASH members become knowledgeable of what is needed to live a healthy lifestyle while being an inspiration to one another.


We built TASH Wellness originally so that women looking for training with other women-only would feel comfortable. When you come into our community, you are treated with respect no matter your size, age, fitness level, religious or political affiliation. The only trait you must possess is that you are supportive of your "session mates" and you have a good attitude.

We celebrate all wins no matter how small or large.

group training

Group training helps build that sense of community in small groups while recognizing each member’s individual goals and individual limitations. Group sessions are a less expensive alternative to personal training - plus you will be supporting one another through peer motivation and camaraderie. We call it personal training in a group atmosphere.


Do you want a trainer that understands what you are going through? One that has had success on their own journey to health? What about a trainer that knows what it is like to carry around extra weight, a trainer that “gets it?”

Senior Training/Fall Prevention

There are plenty of gyms and fitness centers, but only TASH Wellness employs degreed Fitness Professionals that are also educated as Functional Aging Specialists. It is our goal to increase the amount of healthy active years someone will have, decrease the odds of disease and prevent injury. Today’s seniors are living longer, more active lives and we are here to make sure they live those years to the fullest!

Nutrition & Accountability

We encourage balanced eating incorporating all food groups. We believe in fueling the body with the appropriate amount of calories and macronutrients and don’t believe that one nutrition plan works for everyone. We do not promote supplements or products, but when needed, we offer medical/pharmaceutical grade supplements. And, we provide accountability to meet your goals in both nutrition and health and wellness. Weight reduction without deprivation is our goal.

member experience

caroline R, skokie

"I hadn’t done any consistent form of exercise for 35 years. I was a person who hated exercising and found 1001 excuses not to do it. I started with TASH Wellness after being told to exercise by my doctors. After my first week, I knew I made the right choice. I look forward to each session and love the workout. Sharan is a great motivator and trainer. I highly recommend TASH Wellness. You’ll feel and look better too!”

Nancy c, des plaines

“I have finally found a fitness studio where I love the exercise classes. Tash’s unique 30 minute workouts give me a great aerobic and strength workout in one class. I actually look forward to the classes. I also receive nutrition guidance and support from Sharan. It is nice to finally see my weight go down instead of up. Her studio is one-of-a-kind and I highly recommend trying it.”

Jan C, chicago

“Since I joined TASH Wellness, I have never NOT wanted to come to class. After retiring a couple of years ago and not moving for those years, Sharan has made me WANT to move and get stronger. At my age (almost 72), it is important to work on balance, strength, and general conditioning. I am grateful to Sharan and the other members of the community for making that time as beneficial and productive as they have been.”


I'm so grateful to be a member of Tash Wellness Center. Sharan Tash has been able to do what I thought was nearly impossible. She got me to show up in her studio twice a week and exercise! It has made a profound difference in my life. I am now moving better and sleeping better. And I have a whole new batch of middle-aged women friends like myself. All great benefits that are helping me more successfully navigate the currents as I float along the sea of life. Sharan is an amazing leader and teacher! I recommend Tash Wellness to any older woman who's even remotely interested in improving her own feelings of well-being.


I love working out at Tash Wellness. Exercise is fun -- who would have thought? When I first joined Tash, I was in a regular class. But when my health began to deteriorate I transitioned to the Yellow group, which uses routines that are easier on my body. I don't think I would be able to exist without my Tash workouts. They help alleviate my pain and keep me in a better physical condition. In addition, there’s a wonderful sense of camaraderie with my fellow classmates. So satisfying to leave each workout session with such a strong physical and emotional sense of achievement! Thank you, Tash Wellness!


how it works

step 1

The first step is to set up a 5-minute discovery call with Sharan. This will start the interview process to determine if you are a good match for our community.

step 2

If you pass step 1, you will be invited to visit our studio to observe a training session. This gives you the opportunity to see how we are different, to meet the trainers and some of the members.

step 3

If you pass step 2, you will have a discussion with one of our team to determine which trial is best for you. You will then be considered an active Trial Member.

step 4

During your trial, we will determine if you are committed to your health and are a supportive member of our community. If you are, we will offer you a full membership to our family.


Our proven system, which is an integrative, functional health, wellness and fitness system will last you a lifetime without deprivation.


Where are you located?

1844 Waukegan Road in Glenview (that is the old Cora Lee Candies store). We used to be in Skokie but outgrew our space so now we are only located in Glenview. Click here for directions.

What is included with the 28-day trial and much does the trial cost?

Our 28-day trial costs $209. You get 3–30-minute workout sessions/week in the studio in a group training atmosphere, 28-days of education/nutrition, 28-days of accountability, a body composition scan at the beginning and end of the trial, and a chance to be part of this wonderful community for 28 days.

What is group training and how long are your sessions?

Group training is personal training in a group environment. It is personal because we work WITH your limitations, we don’t avoid them. If you have knee issues, we make sure you are doing the movement correctly, or we will adjust your exercise. We believe in the Quality of the movement over the Quantity of the movement.

Sessions are 30 minutes long, and you are given 15 minutes before and 15-minutes after to warm up and cool down.

Do you have early morning or evening sessions?

We start as early as 5:30 am on Wednesdays, 6:15 am on Monday and Friday, and 8 am on Tuesday and Thursday. Right now, we have a 6 pm session on Tuesday and Thursday. We also have early morning sessions on Sundays. We are always adding new sessions when warranted.

Do I have to sign up for the same sessions every week?

No, you can sign up for any session as long as there is room (We allow only 10-women per session). We also would like you to have a day in between your sessions to give your body a chance to recuperate.

Can I just join as a member?

Sorry, but no. We have a 4-part interview process to be sure that all new members are a good match for our community. One bad apple can spoil the whole community, so this 4-part process has been very worthwhile in keeping our community as wonderful as it is.

Contact US


1844 Waukegan Rd., Glenview, IL 60025